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Electronics article


SMS Series Superconducting Magnet Power Supplies
with USB interface.

The Cryogenic SMS series intelligent magnet power supplies have been developed over many years to meet the needs of magnet operators.

The power supplies have manual control via the front panel and remote control via the USB interface (other interfaces are also available). This allows the power supply to be linked to read the liquid helium level, software control and safe magnet operation.

Standard output ranges are from 60 to 600 Amps.

4 Quadrant Unit

Cryogenic offers Magnet Power Supplies with an integral 4 Quadrant unit allowing the field to be swept linearly through zero without using relays for current reverse. This state-of-the-art unit gives true display of both current and voltage on the front panel.

20 Bit High Resolution Magnet Power Supply

For customers who require a higher resolution, Cryogenic offers 20bit current setting using an onboard 20-bit DAC and high-stability current transducer to give overall stability better than 2ppm/K
Specifications                            Specifications




Helium Level Gauge and Probe

Helium Level Gauge                           

Cryogenic offers mains powered and optionally battery powered liquid helium level gauges to both measure and control liquid helium levels.

Two Electronics units are available as standard:

  • HLG200 The front panel features a self ranging 3 digit LED display, 0 to 1100mm (1mm resolution). Switches are provided for on/off, probe type and pulse interval.
  • HLG210 Similar to the HLG200 but offers additional control features. There are three internally adjustable pre-set levels, easily set by reference to the display. Two drive a 2-pole change-over relay for power switching (e.g.; to drive solenoid valves in auto refill systems). The third provides a reference point, or can provide output to a persistent mode switch or audio /visual alarm.


Helium Level Probe

Standard probes consist of a superconducting element contained in a ventilated 2.1mm diameter stainless steel tube. The tube is terminated at the room temperature end with a 28mm long cap and 7 pin connector. 





The Cryogenic RhFe resistance thermometers are both robust and stable with temperature cycling. Their response is linear with temperature above 77K and deviates only slightly from linearity below 77K. Hence their sensitivity is almost constant over a wide temperature range. The thermometer can be read directly with any 4 terminal resistance meter or using a simple scanning interface card direct from a computer. Connections to the thermometer can be made using resistance wires with minimal thermal grounding without introducing temperature error.

Calibrations are 3-point (RT, 77K & 4.2K) as standard or 30 point as an option.