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LS-2130 - LS-2134 article






Lasers LS-2130 - LS-2135 (Russain)

LS-2130 - LS-2134  

Compact Q-switched Nd: YAG Lasers

Compact Q-switched Nd: YAG Lasers LS-2130 -LS-2134 are designed to provide years of trouble free operation in even the most demanding environments.
The most important features of these lasers are compactness, rugged reliability and simplicity of operation.

The small size of the laser and high stability of output characteristics are provided by a special design of a folded resonator with a corner cube reflector. The optical components are hard-mounted and virtually immune to thermal and physical shocks.
Although small in size, access to and replacement of every part of the laser unit is quick and easy.
These lasers feature increased safety resulting from the absence of external high voltage connectors. Robust interlocks are used to avoid abnormal laser operation.
A diffuse close-coupled pumping chamber is utilized for efficient and uniform pumping of the laser rod. The laser head is designed for quick and easy interchange of the flashlamp without readjustment of the laser resonator. The flashlamp operates in simmer mode to provide stability of light output and long lifetime.
Deionized water is used in the cooling system. The system consists of hermetic water pump, flow, temperature and level sensors and water-to-air heat exchanger. Standard water purification filters are used for long-term operation.

For Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and other applications requiring of two output pulses with equal energy and tunable temporal separation between pulses LOTIS TII can suplly laser system with two lasers and beam combiner.


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