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CW THz Laser article

CW THz Laser

US Patent 5,867,512 | US Patent 6,297,066 | US Patent 6,869,483 | US Patents pending


A diode laser pumped frequency converted laser system is offered for CW THz Generation via Frequency Mixing. The Frequency Mixing Crystal is pumped via two superimposed tunable diode lasers. The covered THz frequency regime ranges from DC to several THz.
CW THz Laser


Technical Details

Schematic Layout

Excellent tuning behavior
  • coarse and fine tuning modes of the master lasers
  • fine tuning via piezo actuator with a resolution better than 10MHz
  • manual coarse tuning up to 20THz
  • large mode-hop free tuning range of up to 100GHz and more
Narrow linewidth of seed lasers
  • linewidth < 300kHz
  • excellent side mode suppression > 50dB and >35dB after amplifier
Flexible schemes of realization
  • THz system based on tunable Littman / Metcalf master lasers with free beam optics
  • THz system based on tunable DFB master lasers with free beam optics
  • THz system based on fiber coupled tunable DFB master lasers
  • THz system based on Butterfly packaged, fiber coupled tunable DFB master lasers
Plug & Play configuration
  • THz software package
  • Automated wavelength tuning
  • remote control via GPIB, RS232 and USB
  • Molecule spectroscopy
  • Security screening
  • Medical or biological imaging
  • Nondestructive material control



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High Power Tunable External Cavity Diode Lasers

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