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High Brightness Laser System for Raman Spectroscopy - Lion article

High Brightness Laser System for Raman Spectroscopy - Lion

Excellent Stability | Excellent Side Mode Suppresson


Sacher Lasertechnik offers a new generation fixed wavelength Littman/Metcalf diode laser for Raman Spectroscopy. The laser systems offer a high output power of up to 150mW almost free of mode-hops over the entire laser power range.
High Brightness Laser System for Raman Spectroscopy - Lion



Technical Details

Cavity Scheme:

High optical power
  • 100mW output power
  • excellent quantum efficiency
  • high fiber coupling efficiency
Excellent stability
  • mode-hop free power variation
  • large mode-hop free tuning range of up to 100GHz and more
  • fast wavelength modulation via laser current modulation
Narrow linewidth
  • linewidth < 300kHz
  • excellent side mode suppression > 50dB
High flexibility
  • system with wavelength of 760nm to 1080nm are available
  • further wavelength are upon request
  • free beam and fiber coupled versions available
  • constant current and constant power operation modes
Plug & Play configuration
  • remote control via GPIB, RS232 and USB
Innovative Product
  • US Patent 5,867,512
  • US Patent 6,297,066
  • US Patent 6,869,483



Specs & Stock List

More Details Wavelength Power Cavity Scheme  FC
TEC-510-0642-0100 642nm 100mW Littrow Optional
TEC-510-0760-1000 760nm 1000mW Littrow Optional
TEC-510-0785-0100 785nm 100mW Littman/Metcalf Optional
TEC-510-0785-0150 785nm 150mW Littman/Metcalf Yes
TEC-510-0785-0200 785nm 200mW Littman/Metcalf Optional
TEC-510-0785-1000 785nm 1000mW Littrow Optional
TEC-510-0830-0100 830nm 100mW Littman/Metcalf Optional
TEC-510-0830-1000 830nm 1000mW Littrow Optional
TEC-510-0960-1000 960nm 1000mW Littrow Optional
Other wavelength are available upon request. Please contact us with your requirement.


Support & Download

Technical Documents



High Power Tunable External Cavity Diode Lasers

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