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Manual Tunable Littman/Metcalf Diode Laser System - Lion article

Manual Tunable Littman/Metcalf Diode Laser System - Lion

633nm .. 1770nm | up to 100mW | manual tuning | patented technology


Littman / Metcalf Tunable External Cavity Diode Laser, 630nm .. 1770nm, up to 100mW, patented technology, hands-off operation, large mode-hop free piezo tuning range, narrow linewidth, free space and fiber coupled versions. Check our ar-coated diode stock list for availability.
Manual Tunable Littman/Metcalf Diode Laser System - Lion

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Technical Details

TEC 500 Cavity Layout TEC 520 Cavity Layout


  • from 635nm to 1770nm

High optical power

  • output power up to 100mW
  • excellent quantum efficiency
  • high fiber coupling efficiency

Excellent tuning behavior

  • use of in-house anti-reflection coated laser diodes
  • fine tuning via piezo-actuator with a resolution better than 1MHz
  • manual coarse tuning up to 30 nm at 780nm oder 830nm
  • large mode-hop free tuning range up to 100GHz and more

Narrow linewidth

  • linewidth < 300kHz
  • excellent side mode suppression > 50dB

Excellent frequency locking performance

  • high resonance free piezo modulation
  • high frequency laser current modulation
  • excellent temperature stability
  • low acoustic susceptibility
  • excellent long term locking stability

High flexibility

  • free beam and fiber coupled versions available
  • motorized Littman/Metcalf laser with automated wavelength scans via remote control software
  • constant current and constant power operation modes (optional)
  • excellent laser performance and frequency stability

Plug & Play-configuration

  • modular laser system design
  • automated piezo tuning with power read-out
  • remote control via GPIB, RS232 und USB


  • Spectroscopy and optical process control
  • Seed laser for THz generation
  • Optical cooling and trapping, BEC
  • Absolute distance interferometry
  • Laser and OPO seeding
  • Non-linear optical processes
  • Characterizing of fiber optical systems

Optional Accessories

  • Optical Isolator
  • Single Mode PM Optical Fiber
  • High-Frequency Current Modulation
  • Contact us for more Options

Innovative Product

  • US Patent 5,867,512
  • US Patent 6,297,066
  • US Patent 6,869,483



Specs & Stock List

More Details Wavelength Power Tuning (total) Tuning (fine)
TEC-500-0635-005 633-640nm 5mW >5nm >30GHz
TEC-500-0645-003 640-650nm 3mW >6nm >30GHz
TEC-500-0655-003 650-660nm 3mW >6nm >30GHz
TEC-500-0670-005 655-675nm 5mW >8nm >30GHz
TEC-500-0670-010 655-675nm 5mW >8nm >30GHz
TEC-500-0680-005 675-685nm 5mW >8nm >30GHz
TEC-500-0690-005 680-692nm 5mW >8nm >30GHz
TEC-500-0705-010 698-708nm 10mW >8nm >30GHz
TEC-500-0730-005 725-735nm 5mW >8nm >30GHz
TEC-500-0770-020 750-785nm 20mW >20nm >30GHz
TEC-500-0780-030 775-795nm 30mW >20nm >30GHz
TEC-500-0830-030 790-840nm 30mW >30nm >30GHz
TEC-500-0850-030 830-870nm 30mW >30nm >30GHz
TEC-500-0920-030 870-940nm 30mW >40nm >30GHz
TEC-500-0960-030 920-985nm 30mW >45nm >30GHz
TEC-500-1060-030 990-1075nm 30mW >50nm >30GHz
TEC-500-1080-030 1070-1090nm 30mW >25nm >30GHz
TEC-500-1120-010 1090-1125nm 10mW >25nm >30GHz
TEC-500-1250-003 1220-1280nm 3mW >40nm >30GHz
TEC-500-1310-005 1280-1320nm 5mW >30nm >30GHz
TEC-500-1330-003 1310-1350nm 3mW >30nm >30GHz
TEC-500-1380-003 1360-1420nm 3mW >40nm >30GHz
TEC-500-1450-003 1400-1480nm 3mW >40nm >30GHz
TEC-500-1520-005 1480-1540nm 5mW >50nm >30GHz
TEC-500-1550-005 1520-1580nm 5mW >50nm >30GHz
TEC-500-1630-003 1580-1660nm 3mW >60nm >30GHz
TEC-520-0730-030 725-735nm 30mW >8nm >30GHz
TEC-520-0770-080 755-775nm 80mW >20nm >30GHz
TEC-520-0780-100 775-795nm 100mW >20nm >30GHz
TEC-520-0830-080 820-852nm 80mW >30nm >30GHz
TEC-520-0850-080 840-865nm 80mW >30nm >30GHz
TEC-520-0920-100 890-940nm 100mW >40nm >30GHz
TEC-520-0960-100 920-985nm 100mW >45nm >30GHz
TEC-520-1060-080 1040-1075nm 80mW >35nm >30GHz
TEC-520-1180-030 1100-1190nm 30mW >60nm >30GHz
TEC-520-1220-030 1170-1260nm 30mW >60nm >30GHz
TEC-520-1410-030 1390-1440nm 30mW >40nm >30GHz
TEC-520-1550-030 1520-1580nm 30mW >50nm >30GHz
TEC-520-1590-030 1540-1630nm 30mW >90nm >30GHz
TEC-520-1680-003 1620-1690nm 3mW >60nm >30GHz
Specification are subject to change without notice.




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High Power Tunable External Cavity Diode Lasers

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