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Dial Indicator & Bore Gage Testing Equipment article


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  • Portable Unit
  • Periodical inspection of - INDICATORS - & - BORE GAGES
  • Directly into the Workshop Control Stations.



Dial and digital indicator
Dial Indicator or Digital Indicator can be inspected on site, by comparison with a certified master gauge.
Complete and detailed Inspection Procedures available upon request.



Analogue probe
Analogue Probe inspection.

Taking the DG 25 into the workshop control stations,eliminates the need to dismount the probe readout from its housing.



Lever type indicator
Lever Type Indicator can easily be mounted and inspected.



Long lever indicator
Long Lever Indicator inspection.
  • maximum lever length 40 mm / 1.5" ;
  • horizontal mounting diameter 4 mm ;
  • attachment for indicator working with 12° inclination, mounting diameter 4 mm.



Bore gage
Bore Gage inspection: gauging head travel.



Vertical usage
The DG 25 can easily be mounted on a vertical stand, so to work in the upright position and comply with the standards



Computer connection
Computer Connection with automatic data acquisition.
The Software to manage and measure gauges, with tolerances automatic calculation.



Magnifying glass
The Magnifying Glass helps the operator with indicator alignment.



Accessories case
Accessories Fitted Carrying-Case.
  • magnifying glass;
  • long lever dial indicator mounting device;
  • reduction bushes diameter 8 - 10 mm and 3/8 of an inch;
  • computer cable;
  • master gauge.


DG 25 - Specifications

    Measuring range:        25 mm    /     1 Inch

       Depends on the master.
       Master should be from 3 to 10 times more accurate  
       then the indicators to be tested.
       It is possible to use any certified master or chose
       between one of the following:
        Portable Units
            Ono Sokki DG 925
                                            reading     1 µm
                                            accuracy   2 µm
            Ono Sokki DG 525-H
                                            reading     0.5 µm
                                            accuracy    1   µm
        Non-portable unit
                    (requires power supply and external readout)
            Heidenhain MT 25 01
                                            reading     0.1 µm
                                            accuracy   0.2 µm

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