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Laboratory Excimer lasers article


An overview of laboratory excimer laser products


All excimer laser products are of total/metal ceramic construction and use no elastomers or plastics. Corona preionization is used on all systems to give long life, high stability operation.  10 billion pulse system components lifetime. Class 1000 clean room chamber manufacturing. 500,000  hour MTBF  electronic power modules. Just plug these units in for long term, reliable operation.


 EX5 Excimer laser    The worlds most powerful mini excimer

2.5W of deep UV (193nm) in 1.2 cubic feet


The EX5 is a genuine low cost MINI excimer laser in an ultra compact 47 X 25 X 25cm, 14kg package with up to 7.5W at 248nm and 4W at 193nm. For applications in micromachining, laser ablation, laser ionization and OEM products. 250/500 and 1000Hz versions.


EX10 Excimer laser                                                        

The EX10 mini laser (61 x 40 x 27 cm) is an ideal laser for general laboratory and compact OEM ophthalmic and medical applications requiring high reliability. The corona preionized laser is available in two standard air cooled models, a 300Hz and a 600Hz version, other repetition rate versions are also available. The highly stable (<+/-2%) energy output specifications range from 12-35mJ depending upon the choice wavelength and energy output can be monitored and controlled with the internal energy detector and stability module, standard on all lasers. The 600Hz version has a maximum output power of 12W with KrF at 248nm. The EX10 is a small, portable, lightweight, universal power input, self contained PC compatible laser with on board vacuum pump and halogen filter. The EX10 laser models features very long optics and gas lifetime with up to 30 million pulses per fill on KrF, and a static gas lifetime of up to 12 weeks with ArF and KrF, call or Email for a Demo today.


EX50 Excimer laser   

The EX50 laser system is a moderate output power, high repetition rate laser available in, 250 Hz and 500 Hz maximum repetition rate air cooled models and a 750Hz water cooled unit. A maximum energy of 50mJ is obtained with KrF. The 500 Hz unit produces 20W with KrF. The maximum output power specification of the 750 Hz laser is 34W with KrF at 248nm. The high repetition rate EX50 is a high reliability laser for laboratory and industrial machining applications requiring moderate power and high repetition rate. All lasers feature on board vacuum pumps, internal energy detector and power stability module, PC compatibility and continuous operation at maximum repetition rate. The laser of course features static gas lifetimes of up to 12 weeks with KrF and dynamic gas lifetimes of greater than 30 million pulses per fill with KrF.

A narrowband version of the EX50 laser is available, the EX50LN gives narrow spectral output with linewidths of less than 1pm using ArF and KrF. Output energies up to 6mJ ArF and 10mJ Krf are available at repetition rates up to 1000Hz.


 EX100  Excimer laser

The unique linear design of GAM excimer products allows for power scaling at low incremental cost. The EX100 laser system provides up to 100mJ per pulse and up to 68W output power in a low cost compact package. The EX100 is available in 60Hz and 125Hz air cooled units and a 250Hz water cooled unit. The EX100 is a high energy, high power laser. All lasers feature on board vacuum pumps, PC compatibility and continuous operation at maximum repetition rate. The EX100 offers industrial enhancements for longer gas lifetime, reduced maintenance and low cost of ownership.




High Energy Excimer Laser :  The EX350 is available in two air cooled versions, 20Hz and 150Hz. The EX350 provides up to 250mJ at 248nm and 150mJ at 193nm.  This laser is perfect for applications such as Pulsed Laser deposition. The self contained PC compatible lasers include internal vacuum pumps and Halogen filters.




157nm F2 lasers

The EX10F, EX50F and EX100F lasers are optimized for 157nm Fluorine vacuum VUV operation. The lasers provide the longest specified static and dynamic gas lifetimes of any commercially available 157nm lasers, with 15 days and 10 million pulses. Output energy up to 10mJ is available with 8W average power at 157nm. The EX10F is available in 350 and 700Hz models and the EX50F in a number of models up to 1000Hz. The lasers feature on board vacuum pumps and Halogen filters for rapid, reliable gas exchange and include a kwik connect vacuum adapter. The PC compatible lasers also operate on standard excimer wavelengths.

Line narrowed lasers

Free running excimer lasers with a stable resonator produce a spectral output with a relatively wide bandwidth. For example free running ArF has a bandwidth of approximately 500pm FWHM. The spectral output can be greatly narrowed by inserting wavelength dispersive optical elements into the laser cavity . The narrow band output can also be tuned over a region which is typically close to the free running bandwidth of the laser. The EX50LN produces narrow linewidths of less than 1pm with both KrF and ArF. Narrow band excimer lasers exhibit exceptional  temporal coherence properties. The EX50LN gives up to 7cm coherence length at 248nm with very high pointing stability for FBG applications

Excimer Laser optics

High quality Calcium Fluoride optics with tested coatings for the deep ultraviolet.

Metal & Ceramic Excimer Lasers