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Metal working industry article

Laser machines for the metal working industry

Our process solutions for your challenges

A broad field of application is offered with regard to laser technologies used in metal-processing industries. Laser technology and process automation as provided by Jenoptik support you as a manufacturer and supplier with individual system solutions in view of complex tasks. Development periods which are continuously getting shorter require flexibly applicable tools such as lasers so as to enable short set-up times even in case of a multitude of variants.

laser cutting structuring 3D elements



Laser separated 3D component



laser welded seam metal



Cost reduction

In order to cut costs and decrease the complexity of forming dies, manufacturers increasingly chose to shift certain tasks to later production steps. In this way, the risk of mechanical deformation of components in the course of the forming process can be minimized, and a high degree of precision of the components is ensured.

Our system solutions


Laser machines for laser cutting

JENOPTIK-VOTAN" C BIM - Laser machine for laser cuttingLaser cutting of complex 3D components


The laser cutting system JENOPTIK-VOTAN® BIM (Beam In Motion) constitutes an innovative combination of a stationary laser and a robot-based motion sequence. Due to its compact design and extremely flexible handling, it is referred to as a plug-and-play system. With the novel system concept, the core of which being a laser robot with fully integrated beam control, laser powers of up to 5 kW can be realized for the first time without impairing the advantages provided by a robot system - high mobility and accessibility, very high system accuracy and dynamics.

This laser system is used for a variety of demanding tasks in the field of laser cutting of metal components.

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Laser cutting of complex 3D components


Laser cutting - JENOPTIK-VOTAN?® BIM



Scope of Application
  • Generally metall construction
  • Trimming of insulation materials
  • Trimming of 3D-molded metallic sections such as cross members, exhaust system components etc.
  • High system availability through integrated beam control
  • Short cycle time through high BIM robot dynamics
  • High track accuracy through low BIM robot weight
  • Broad range of components through high accessibility for the slim BIM robot
  • Broad component spectrum through scalable power (up to 5 kW)
  • Low operating costs through energy-efficient radiation sources
  • Short commissioning and moving times
  • Small space-requirement through compact design
  • Task-specific fixture and filtering/extraction


  • Short cycle times
  • Excellent contour accuracy
  • High precision
  • High - quality cutting result
  • High system availability