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AB Series Order Sorting Filters article

AB Series Order Sorting Filters

  • Provides blocking of light radiation below filter specific transition or cut-on wavelength
  • Made from semi-conductor material
  • Allows for various mounting options
  • Offers several filter choices
Select Light Radiation Easily

The AB30XX Series of Long Pass Order Sorting Filters provide blocking of light radiation below the filter specific transition or cut-on wavelength.
They can be mounted in the AB202 Filter Carrier or in the AB300 Automated Six Position Filter Wheel. The AB202 Filter Carrier is inserted into the AB200 Filter Mount Assembly. The AB3032, AB3058, AB3066. AB3072, and AB3085 are long-wave pass, color glass filters and are available in 25.4 mm diameter.
The average high transmittance (TH) of the color glass filters is greater than 90%. The average high transmittance value is the average transmittance of the filter between the first peak after the cut-on wavelength to the peak before the cut-off wavelength. The transition interval of the AB30XX Series Filters is listed in the following table. The transition interval is the distance (nm) from the cut-on wavelength to the cut-on peak.
The AB3100, AB3190, AB3300, AB3370, AB3720, AB3400, and the AB3840 Order Sorting Filters are made of semiconductor materials. These long-wave pass filters are anti-reflection coated for operation from the long-pass wavelength to at least twice that wavelength.

The average high transmittance for the AB3100, AB3190, AB3400, and AB3840 filters is greater than 75%.
These long-pass semiconductor filters are 1 inch (25.4mm) diameter with a thickness of 0.083" or less (2.1mm). These filters can also be mounted in the AB201 Filter Carrier or in the AB300 Automated Six Position Filter Wheel.
The blocking average for all of the filters is 0.1% below the passband through the UV wavelengths.


Feature Value
Size: 25.4mm Ø
Thickness: 2.1mm typical
Material: Schott optical glass or equivalent
Surface Quality: Commercial polish
Mounting Options: AB201 Filter Carrier
AB300 Series Automated
Filter Wheels

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