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AD111 Photobyte-P™ Photomultiplier Detection System article

AD111 Photobyte-P™ Photomultiplier Detection System

  • Provides a complete detection system for SP's Digikrom monochromators.
  • Easy USB2.0 interface.
  • Wide selection of PMTs.

The AD111 is a convenient computer controlled photomultiplier detection system for use with Spectral Products’ Digikrom line of monochromators. It features a detector housing that has a dynode divider chain and direct anode connection, mounts directly to exit-slit ports of Digikrom monochromators, and accommodates side-on photomultiplier tubes. (PMT’s must be ordered separately.) It also features the Photomultiplier Amplifier, a compact electronic unit containing the preamplifier and high voltage power supply for the PMT. Coaxial cables for the high voltage and PMT output current signals connect between the detector housing and the amplifier unit. The entire operation, including wavelength and bandpass selection, is controlled with a customer-supplied PC. (The Digikrom monochromator and the AD111 utilize one serial for monochromator and one USB port for AD111) An easy to use program is also included that allows full control of both PMT and monochromator. It graphically displays wavelength versus intensity, intensity versus time and allows ASCII data storage for importing to other user interfaces as desired.

Feature Value
Wavelength Range: Per PMT detector (see below)
High Voltage Range: 0-1000 VDC
A/D Resolution: 16 bit (Successive Approximation)
Response Rate: USB2.0
High Voltage Resolution: 244mV
Input Voltage: ± 5 VDC
Data Resolution: 76.3 mV, (data range = 0-5V)
Time Constant per step: Selectable from 1mS to 10 sec
Conversion time: 2mS (Maximum)
USB 2.0 Transfer Rate: 480 Mbits/sec
Amplification Gains: x1 to x10 (programmable)
Supply Voltage: 100-240 VAC
Current Input Range: 0 to -5m A

SP offers the following PMTs for use with the AD110

AP Part # Code PMT Type Wavelength Range and Spectral Response
AD311 *R 928P 185-900nm; S-20 (extended)
AD321 R 212 185-650nm; S-5
AD322 R 406 400-1100nm; S-1
AD323 R 777 185-850nm; S-20
AD324 R 636 185-930nm; GaAs (extended)

Spectral Products & CVI Laser

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