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ASBN-Dx-W, Deuterium/Tungste-halogen hybrid light sources article

D2 and tungsten-halogen hybrid light source

  • Wide range from Deep UV to IR
  • Provide maximum possible illumination
  • Contains 1" quartz doublet assembly for optimum coupling
  • Easy coupling to optical fibers and/or SP's monochromators
  • Assures maximum stability and life time of lamps
  • Robust mode of operation
Optimum Illumination for SP's Monochromators

ASBN-Dx-W series, single (ASBN-D1-W series) or dual (ASBN-D2-W series) deuterium and Tungsten-halogen hybrid light source consists of one or two 30W deep UV deuterium lamp or lamps  and a high power tungsten-halogen lamp. The specially designed "see-through" deuterium lamps can allow the light from a secondary source to pass through the same light path as the deuterium lamp. SP uses a proper focusing/collimating doublet lens sets to obtain maximum optical power of the secondary light sources through the small "see-thgough" hole.
Generally, the optical power of deuterium is much lower than that of tungsten-halogen. In some special applications that need high power UV light, the dual deterium version will be more preferable.
Please click here to view the manual for this light source.


Part number Description

Hybrid of ASBN-Dx30  and ASBN-Wyyy(-L/H)

x: 1 for ASBN-D130
   2 for ASBN-D230
yyy: 050 for ASBN-W050
       075 for ASBN-W075
       100 for ASBN-W100-L or ASBN-W100-H
       150 for ASBN-W150-L or ASBN-W150-H

F: Fiber coupling
M: Monochromator coupling

L: Low color temperature tungsten-halogen model (only for 100W or 150W)
H: High color temperature tungsten-halogen model (only for 100W or 150W)

Spectral Products & CVI Laser