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ISC/ISQ Integrating Spheres article

ISC/ISQ Integrating Spheres

  • Integrating sphere with classical exterior or cubical exterior.
  • Machined port plugs match interior sphere curvature.
  • Post mount or slit flat (for cubical model).

    ISC series are classical spherical type integrating spheres and they come standard with Ba2SO4 coating (effective from 400nm-2400nm and four orthogonal ports. Wall construction is cast aluminum (allows use of set screws).
    ISQ series use the heavy duty construction. Each sphere is composed of two halves, each machined from solid aluminum stock. Like ISC series, standard ISQ spheres come with Ba2SO4 coating, four orthogonal ports. Sphere can sit flat on work surface or be mounted on an optical mount post.
    Depending on the application situation, some port plugs, port reducers, or a fiber adapter can be provided. The available models are as follows.


    Model ISC Series ISQ Series
    ISC-020 ISC-040 ISC-060 ISQ-020 ISQ-040 ISQ-060
    Diameter 2" 4" 6" 2" 4" 6"
    Port size 0.5" 1.0" 1.5" 0.5" 1.0" 1.5"

    How to Select and Size an Integrating Sphere
    In order to select the Spectral Products Integrating Sphere that is best suited for your application, several factors must be taken into consideration. The most important factors include the following:

    Diameter/Source Ratio The diameter of the sphere should be at least 1.5 times the largest dimension of any device mounted within the sphere.

    Surface-to-Port Area If ports cover more than 5% of the Integrating Sphere's surface, the Integrating Sphere may not integrate properly. If port requirements are greater than 5% of the sphere, a larger sphere should be purchased.

    The following formulas can determine port area and sphere surface area:

    • r = Port radius, D = Sphere Diameter
    • Port Area = pr^2
    • Sphere Surface Area = 4pD^2

      Integrating Sphere Coatings The coating of a Spectral Products Integrating Sphere is a high efficiency diffuse reflector that delivers reliable integration and low throughput loss. The reflectance is high in order to minimize absorption loss from multiple reflections, yet it must not reflect light specularly.

      Spectral Products Integrating Sphere Coatings offer reflectance efficiencies between 95 and 99%. A Lambertian Source is a perfect diffuse source. When a perfect diffuse reflector is illuminated with uniform intensity, it acts as a Lambertian Source. Spectral Products uses a proprietary Ba2SO4 coating, effective from 380 up to 2400 nm, to provide these state-of-the-art Lambertian properties.

Spectral Products & CVI Laser

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