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Optical Probes article

Optical Probes

Spectral Products offers fiber optic probes for use in fluorescence/Raman/diffuse reflection applications (reflection probes) and absorption/transflectance applications (dip probes).

These probes offer the highest throughput in the industry. 

  • Superior design minimizes stray lights; bubbles & trapped liquid
  • Available in all industry standard terminations
  • Custom instrument / process interfaces or configurations.
  • Fixed path length or removable tip for dip probes
  • Same unit can be used for several measuring techniques
  • UV, UV/VIS and VIS/NIR versions
  • Custom configurations available

Part number Notation:

Keyword Description
Fiber Type (RP or DP) Reflection Probe: RP
Dip Probe: DP
Core Size (OOOO) OOOO microns, ex)0600: 600 microns
Connector Type (XX)(YY) SMA0905: SM
Ferrule: FR
ex) SMFC: one SMA-905 end and one FC end
    In case of the bifurcated fibers, "XX" is for the bifurcated ends and "YY" is for the joint end
Wavelength range
(U or I)
U: UV/VIS (250-1150nm)
I: Vis/NIR (400-2250nm)
Fiber length (oo) oo: oo/10 meter, ex) 20: 2.0m, 15: 1.5m
Non-solarizing option (-NS): Non-solarizing for deep UV applications (190-1150nm)

Dip Probe Tips

Part Number Description
DPT-002 Transflection Dip Probe Tip Path Length 2um
DPT-005 Transflection Dip Probe Tip Path Length 5um
DPT-010 Transflection Dip Probe Tip Path Length 10um
DPT-020 Transflection Dip Probe Tip Path Length 20um


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