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SP800 800Hz Optical Chopper article

SP800 800Hz Optical Chopper

  • Provides 800Hz chopped optical signal for use with PbS and PbSe Infrared Detectors.
  • Mounts directly to all Spectral Products monochromators, detectors, light sources, filter wheels and filter carriers.
  • High Reliability
  • Light Spectrum Purity
  • Low Profile
  • Small Footprint when integrated with light source or detector
  • Low Power
  • High Shock Resistance
  • High Temperature Resistance

The Spectral Products' 800 Hz optical chopper provides many unique advantages over a motorized chopper wheel or reciprocating blade. In an industrial product, the compact size, frequency stability and reliability permit many tough applications to become possible. The aperture motion or chopper window is produced by a high-Q resonating tuning fork that is highly resistant to vibration and shock. There is basically no moving part to jam or to wear down.
SP' choppers will quickly reach stability after “power-on” in less than 2 seconds. Power consumption is typically around 20mW. Due to the compact size and special alloys, Spectral Products choppers can be mounted in close proximity to many hot filament sources.

Spectral Products & CVI Laser