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SPM301 Mini IR Spectrophotometer article

SPM301, Mini IR Spectrophotometer

  • High-speed spectra
  • Low Noise, TE Cooled, Stable Operation
  • 256 Detection Elements
  • Accommodates spectral measurements in the 1.0 to 3.0 micron (PbS) region
  • Long-life tungsten-halogen light source
  • Versatile, portable and reggedized spectrophotometer
Best solution for the compact IR spectroscopy


The SM301-FCM employs a 256 element lead sulfide (PbS) detector array to generate spectra in the 1.0 to 3.0 micron wavelength region. After initial calibration, which typically takes less than one minute, data for all 256 wavelengths is generated simultaneously and continuously. The detector array is thermoelectrically cooled ensuring long-term operating stability. A tungsten halogen lamp is used as the light source and is stable after a power-on warm up period of about ten minutes. The instrument has been uniquely designed without moving parts, providing enhanced signal/noise and sensitivity and incorporates readily available industry standard components.

The detector and light source with electronics are built into a rugged aluminum case. At less than 20 pounds (9 Kg) the instrument also provides portability for remote and industrial process control applications. Operation of the unit for research is easy with the included Windows based analysis software through a USB interface. The software includes a wide range of options including saving data for analysis by Chemometric software.

Conventional spectrophotometers cost very high, are large in size, can require extensive calibration processes and may take several hours to generate spectra of various samples through scanning processes. The SM301-FCM is revolutionary at very low cost, no moving parts with data available minutes after power-on. Companies, universities, and agencies with limited budgets can now afford an infrared spectrometer due to the low cost and portability of the SM301-FCM. The unit is used to generate transmission spectra for liquids and solids in the 1.0 to 3.0 micron wavelength region including; alcohol, H2O, acetone, nitrogen, potassium, and various materials such as plastics.

The standard unit provides transmission data and is available with four weeks lead-time. It can be factory configured to meet application needs for transmission, absorbance, and other measurements including the possibility to extend the wavelength to 5.0 microns.

Spectral Products & CVI Laser

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