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firestar vi30 laser (30W) article


vi30 Laser

The firestar vi30 features:

  • 30 watts
  • Near-Perfect Beam Quality
  • Fast Rise/Fall Time
  • Air Cooled
  • Compact Footprint
  • Backwards Compatibility
  • Low Cost Design

Designed exclusively for OEMs, the new vi30's compact footprint, backwards compatibility and low cost, make it
the ultimate OEM laser.

With its exceptional beam quality and fast rise times, Synrad's 30W firestar v30 has established itself as the laser of choice for use in high-performance marking and engraving systems. Synrad's new firestar vi30 - designed specifically for our OEM customers - features this same proven technology in an even smaller package.

The vi30's resonator is based on the same waveguide design as our v30 model, producing a circular beam (typical M2 =1.1) in both the near and far field. This near-perfect beam can be focused to the smallest achievable spot size, creating the maximum possible power density on a work surface. This results in faster processing speeds and higher resolution for most applications. A new, more efficient RF design, operating off 48 VDC, has enabled us to reduce the heat sinks to produce a 30W laser with a smaller overall footprint, and meet increasing market demands for more compact systems.

The vi30 is available only as an air-cooled model, with a simple interface based on TTL level input and I/O signals via a DB-9 connector. In its standard configuration, the vi30 features a simple OEM baseplate modeled after the v30 - the ideal solution for systems requiring the most compact laser source possible.

Synrad offers two optional mounting feet for backwards compatibility with the v30: use our tall mounting feet to make the beam exit height identical to the v30, or, for complete drop-in replaceability, add our alternate mounting feet to the vi30 for common mechanical mounting in addition to the beam exit location. Use of either of the optional mounting feet will create a common beam exit height to our firestar t-series lasers, allowing for future upgrades to higher powers.

firestar vi30 Specifications:
  Output Power
  Mode Quality
< 1.2
< 1.2
  Rise Time
< 100µsec
  Beam Diameter
2.5 ± 0.5mm
  Beam Divergence
(full angle)
< 7.0mRad
  Power Stability:
cold start (guaranteed):
after 2 minutes (typical):
(cold start guaranteed)
(after 2 minutes typical)
Linear (Horizontal)
  Heat Load (max)
  Flow Rate (air)
140 CFM x 2
  Input Voltage / Current

48 VDC / 10 A

  Dimensions, laser head (air-cooled, in)
16.8 x 3.5 x 5.45
427 x 89 x 138
  Weight, laser head (air-cooled)
13 lbs / 5.9kg
  Beam specifications measured at 1/e².
*Typical. Actual wavelength range may vary from 10.2 -10.8
Specifications are preliminary and are subject to change without notice.

Synrad Lasers