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dicam pro - Software article


pco.camware is the new camera application software for the new camera systems: pco.edge, pco.dimax, pco.dimax HD/HD+, pco.1600, pco.2000, pco.4000, pco.1300 & pco.1300 solar, pco.1200 hs & s, pco.inspector hs & s and for the sensicam and pixelfly families of camera systems. It includes an image recorder, b/w and color display, pseudo-look-up-tables, hot pixel correction, direct-record-to-file, image browser, histogram, preview, and many other helpful image acquire features (modulatable cameras now included!).
For the most recent version of camware it might also be necessary for users to install as well the most recent interface driver!

It can be used with Windows XP / 7 (32 bit).
» Download File (.zip, 12 mb)


sensicam / dicam pro / hsfc pro SDK for WindowsXP/7 (32/64bit)

The software development kit (SDK) for customer software development to easily add camera control functions to customprograms. Includes a demo program for C and C++ as well as a detailed description of all available commands!
This is the new sensicam, dicam pro and hsfc pro SDK, which is suitable for Windows XP and 7 and further Windows versions, but it doesn't work with the old versions or software plug-ins!
» Download File (.zip, 1 mb)


dicam pro software development kit (SDK) for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000

For programmers to easily add camera control functions to their programs. Includes a demo program for C and C++ as well as a detailed description of all available commands!
This SDK was relevant for the old Windows versions up to XP, but it is obsolete now and replaced by the new one above!
» Download File (.zip, 1 mb)


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