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pixelfly PF-link - Show Details article

Product Details

Pixelfly camera systems are PC controlled high performance digital devices consisting of a compact camera head and a controlling PCI type of frame grabber board. Both components communicate via a bi-directional high-speed digital link operated over a shielded twisted pair cable. Although being physically identical to PC network cables, the electrical interface is completely different and not related to an ethernet type of network. The high-speed signals and their electrical requirements limit the length of such a cable connection to 15m and require a ground connection between camera and PC. If the camera should be operated in hazardous or electrically noisy environments, where the PC should be located in a larger distance or electrically isolated from the camera head, the PF-link represents a solution for these requirements. It provides a ground independent fiber optical connection between camera head and the PCI frame grabber. It also supplies the camera head with power.

Further information can be found at Adimtech.

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